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Plow Can Be Evaluated By The Performance

Planing machines to evaluate its performance by:
1. the strength of the fuselage:
This is a basis for device performance will meet your requirements, if the frame strength is not high enough, good steel, that it is a good idea is impossible on the basis of this realization, is a building without laying the Foundation. Specifically, for planing machines, it will directly affect the two main areas, one feed depth, the other is a positioning accuracy of the feeding device. Of course, not to mention the useful life of the machine.
2. table flatness:
Workbench if uneven, cutting boards is the most direct expression, a groove depth of the Planer on somewhat different, for thicker plate, had little effect, but for 0.5mm plate, and impact becomes evident.
3. feed depth:
Available indicators measurement, accuracy of the assessment approach depth.
4. the feeding device positioning accuracy:
Parallelism measurement plane out of the workpiece.