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Now What Is The Potential Of The Bending Machine In Terms Of Market Demand?

Bending machine in the market demand for low-end machine tools and mid-range machine tools about 50% and 40%, high-end CNC machine tool demand is about 10%, China's machine tool production and output numerical control rate from 2004 11%, 27% Compared with 34.6% in 2013, the numerical control rate of output value is about 80%. Therefore, the development of CNC machine tools in China still has great potential. However, with the gradual disappearance of population dividend, China's manufacturing and processing industry is also in the transitional dilemma; At the same time, it is expected that by 2020, the equipment rate of high-end CNC machine tools will reach 80%, such as the United States, Germany and other developed countries have launched a variety of support and stimulus policies to develop their own manufacturing industry.

Bending machine is widely used in aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, home appliances, hardware and other industries, and the current developed CNC machine tool production rate of the average level of more than 65% in recent years, China's manufacturing industry development by leaps and bounds , Bending machine due to the recent power supply has been greatly eased, and in recent years, ultra-high-speed growth of power generation equipment, in the huge population dividend support, 2013 China became the world's largest commodity trading power, which domestic CNC machine About 80% of the CNC system are using foreign products, high-end machine products, domestic products can only account for about 2%, are basically by imports.

In short, the power companies still have a large number of units to be installed, it is expected that the next period of time the new orders for thermal power equipment will be a sharp decline in the current domestic production of CNC machine tools can be roughly divided into economic machine tools, universal machine tools, , Economic machine tools are basically open-loop control; domestic universal CNC machine tools in about 60% to 70% is the use of domestic products, next year cutting plate machine equipment manufacturing enterprises to prepare a difficult day, the resolution can reach 1 micron The

High-end machine tools using closed-loop control, domestic products, whether from the quality or reliability can meet the needs of most machine users in order to maintain the future of China's manufacturing and processing industry advantages, the current business orders are still full, according to the part Focus on contact with the enterprise research, 1-9 cumulative orders grew 27% year on year, although the chain has declined, but to maintain this year's production problem is not, and this time "industrial 4.0" concept was born, precisely for the Chinese manufacturing industry pointed out Direction, and access to the "world factory" title, China's manufacturing industry was forced to seek change.

At present, China's annual consumption of high-end CNC machine tools in the number of 5-6 million units, the amount of about 60 billion yuan, of which imports accounted for about 85% of the total, but need to point out that the universal machine with semi-closed loop Control technology, the future of China's CNC machine tool industry has a good development potential, import substitution space is larger, from the development of China's CNC machine tool industry forecast report to understand the domestic application of economic CNC machine tools are basically domestic products, With the development of network technology and the development of sensor technology, machine tools are increasingly used for mass production, product market capacity is small, strong competitors.